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Now up to this point we have seen that Todd Miska is a master at his craft of designing custom graphics
for the goalies of the world....but did you know that Todd has worked on the movie sets with some
of the biggest stars of today. That's right.. Todd has worked with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Sinbad, Emilio Estevez, Stephen Baldwin to name just a few.

In 1992 a movie was released called "Crossing the Bridge". It starred a young Stephen Baldwin
and Todd was hired by the production company to paint a mural of the likeness of Bob Dylan
on the side of the barn. Below is the finished mural seen in the movie.


Todd was hired by Disney films to provide his artwork for the 2nd and 3rd installments of the
"Mighty Ducks", with Emilio Estevez .


"D-2" and "D-3" was filmed in Todd's hometown, in the second installment Todd was the man who brought
the goalie masks to life, and if you watch the third film some of the banners and the ice area surface artwork
is Todd's graphic wizardry. Todd also provided all the goalie mask designs in the film. Those designs
can be seen in the Miska Hall of Fame.

Another film Todd worked his magic on is the holiday comedy "Jingle All The Way", with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sinbad.


Todd did some of the banners and artwork for the town parade and the Mall of America scenes . Todd also provided the set design for the child's room, where a Captain America mural was painted, as seen below.


Todd is also responsible for the billboards seen around the great lakes region, he can be seen from time
to time up on the catwalk doing his artistic flair. If you see a person on the catwalk of a billboard
in the St.Paul region...honk..and just might be Todd Miska up there.